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Can we divide the project into phases?

Absolutely. We work with homeowners on a regular basis to create phasing plans for their projects. We will phase a project to meet the clients’ initial budget goals, while maintaining a cohesive design that can be flawlessly completed in 2 stages or 5, based on the clients’ needs.

Do you give free estimates?

Our free estimates are a rough ballpark based off of the photos of your yard that you send us. In order for us to give a comprehensive estimate, we do need to have precise measurements taken from the field or a scaled and accurate landscape plan to work from. This enables us to provide you with exact costs. If you don’t have a landscape plan, we do offer landscape design services. To get started, send us photos of your yard here.

How much should I expect to spend on landscaping?

The cost of landscaping is difficult to generalize without site-specific information, and an understanding of each homeowner’s objectives. It has been said, in a recent article published by Realtors, that a homeowner can expect to spend between 10-12% of the cost of their home on landscaping. We have found that for many projects, that statistic is accurate. However, often times projects are above or below that average based on the homeowner’s objectives and specific site requirements.

What is xeriscaping?

Xeriscaping is a combination of seven common-sense gardening principles (plan & design, practical turf areas, low water plants, soil amendment, mulch, irrigate efficiently, proper maintenance) that save water while allowing for a lush and colorful landscape. It does not mean just rock and gravel, with no lawn and only uninteresting spiky plants.

Do you charge for your designs?

One area that sets Hiner Landscapes apart from other companies is our design work. Hiner employs full-time designers with experience both in the field and in drafting landscape plans. We use that experience to deliver plans that not only look great on paper, but are beautiful and functional once installed. We do charge for the time that we spend incorporating your needs and our aesthetic vision into your one-of-a-kind landscape plan. For more information visit our design page or get started now by clicking here.