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LED Lighting for Landscapes

Economic, Safety, and Pleasurable Benefits of LED Lighting for Landscaping It’s September, and the kids are back in school, and life is finding that familiar rhythm of the school year once more. Autumn is just around the corner, and we’re already seeing the leaves changing color and the days are already getting just a bit [...]

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Fire Pits

As we’re writing this blog post, it has been a really windy day in Colorado Springs! The leaves are blowing off the trees left and right, and fall is definitely making its presence known here in our city. We don’t know about you—but Hiner Landscapes really enjoys the fall season, and we really believe any [...]

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Landscaping On A Budget

7 Tips for Landscaping on a Budget   Hiner Landscapes knows that landscaping is a big undertaking. It takes a lot of time, management, and money to effectively create the yard or fixture of your dreams. But sometimes, landscaping companies sell their customers short by not offering cost-effective solutions or not being upfront about how [...]

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The Top 13 Deer Resistant Flowering Perennials for Colorado Springs

For many of us in Colorado, we have wildlife to deal with when it comes to landscaping—especially deer and their knack for grazing around and on our backyard plants. Now, many of us love Colorado because of the wildlife, and who doesn’t love a close-up encounter with Bambi and friends? So can you have the [...]

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Springs Magazine’s Summer 2017 Edition

Hiner Landscapes Featured in Springs Magazine’s Summer 2017 Edition We wanted to let our loyal customers know that Hiner Landscapes has been featured in the Summer 2017 print edition of Springs Magazine. The article is called “Take It Outside,” and it features a number of other industry professionals and homeowners that have great tips for [...]

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ALCC’s Outlook Award for Emerging Leaders

Matt Hiner Receives ALCC’s Outlook Award for Emerging Leaders As summertime begins to bloom with sunshine and promise, Hiner Landscapes has an exciting success to announce. The Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (ALCC) has recently awarded Matt Hiner, the owner of our company, the Outlook Award for Emerging Leaders for 2016. So what does that [...]

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6 Benefits of Adding a Water Feature to Your Backyard

It’s almost summertime! As fellow Coloradans, we at Hiner Landscapes know that you’re probably already planning amazing hikes, campouts, and adventures in the great outdoors. But what about your backyard? Can it be something that reflects that escape into nature in even a small way? Could you make your backyard [...]

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Tips on How to Spring Clean Your Pond

It’s almost spring again here in Colorado Springs—one of Hiner Landscapes’ favorite seasons. The warmer weather of summer will be right around the corner, and starting to think about your landscaping upkeep is important, especially your water features like a pond. It may seem strange to you to start thinking about spring cleaning your [...]

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