Water Features for Anyone’s Yard

As the seasons change here in Colorado Springs, autumn and winter are perfect times to start dreaming and planning up for whatever you’d like to see done in the warmer months next year. While landscaping may seem like a really big deal, Hiner Landscapes really wants you to know that you don’t have to do [...]

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Landscaping On A Budget

7 Tips for Landscaping on a Budget   Hiner Landscapes knows that landscaping is a big undertaking. It takes a lot of time, management, and money to effectively create the yard or fixture of your dreams. But sometimes, landscaping companies sell their customers short by not offering cost-effective solutions or not being upfront about how [...]

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Springs Magazine’s Summer 2017 Edition

Hiner Landscapes Featured in Springs Magazine’s Summer 2017 Edition We wanted to let our loyal customers know that Hiner Landscapes has been featured in the Summer 2017 print edition of Springs Magazine. The article is called “Take It Outside,” and it features a number of other industry professionals and homeowners that have great tips for [...]

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Tips on How to Spring Clean Your Pond

It’s almost spring again here in Colorado Springs—one of Hiner Landscapes’ favorite seasons. The warmer weather of summer will be right around the corner, and starting to think about your landscaping upkeep is important, especially your water features like a pond. It may seem strange to you to start thinking about spring cleaning your [...]

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5 Elements of a Healthy, Low Maintenance Pond in Colorado Springs

As Colorado Springs’ top Pond Contractor, our ponds include a balance of fish, plants, aeration, filtration, and rocks and gravel. All components interact naturally with one another to create and maintain a sustainable, low-maintenance ecosystem. Our ponds are award-winning and built to look like Mother Nature put it there herself. Colorado Springs natural topography offer [...]

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