Hiner Landscapes is really excited to talk about our participation in the 2017 Colorado Garden & Home Show on February 10th-12th.

This garden show is one of the oldest in the Rocky Mountain region—and it’s the largest one, too. It’s a time where professionals in the landscaping, gardening, or home improvement business can come together to learn from each other, and where landowners looking to improve their yards and outdoor spaces can gain amazing inspiration.

Needless to say, it’s a fantastic event, and we’re proud to be part of it.

The Colorado Garden & Home Show also boasts an acre-wide exhibit of professionally landscaped gardens that attendees can stroll through, admiring the beauty all around them. Hiner Landscapes will be showcasing our products in one of these landscaped gardens in Garden #5.

We have so many wonderful landscaping items we could showcase in our garden space at the event, but here are just a few of the things we’re most excited about displaying.

7×10 Pond

We can all agree that water is such a calming, beautiful visual to get to look at everyday on one’s property. Hiner Landscapes is highlighting our 7X10 pond while at the Home Show, helping everyone see how just how pristine and attractive a pond can look in action. Our 7 X 10 pond is in the medium-sized range of what ponds can look like, and it fits nicely into yards or other outdoor spaces with convenient and easy upkeep.

Underwater Koi Cam

Everyone loves a beautiful koi pond full of vibrant orange-and-white koi fish. But what if we could go underwater and watch what the fish were doing up close and personal? Our underwater koi camera does just that. It’s the perfect way to safely view the adventures fish are having underwater. It provides endless entertainment for guests, and it’s a unique feature that will make a koi pond stand apart from others. You can watch our underwater koi camera live in action at the Home Show.


Hiner Landscapes is bringing two fountainscapes to the Colorado Garden & Home Show, which will showcase the smoothing sounds of our waterfall installations. We truly believe that fountainscapes are the perfect addition to any landscaping project, providing ample opportunities for beauty and relaxation, while also adding a spectacular pop to any home or business. While not as big or complex as a pond, we can still achieve that wonderful water sound and look with very low maintenance.


Who wouldn’t like to come home after a busy week and settle down into a cozy patio out back? We’ll be showcasing an appealing patio complete with some comfy furniture. Our designers love to come up with the most beautiful types of patios for each unique space, allowing for exceptional and timeless opportunities for countless backyard memories. 

While these are just a few examples of what we’ll be highlighting a the Colorado Garden & Home Show, we hope it gives a sneak peak into everything Hiner Landscapes has to offer anyone who is looking to rejuvenate their landscaping with fresh, fun additions.