It’s almost summertime!

As fellow Coloradans, we at Hiner Landscapes know that you’re probably already planning amazing hikes, campouts, and adventures in the great outdoors. But what about your backyard? Can it be something that reflects that escape into nature in even a small way? Could you make your backyard into a sanctuary that doesn’t take hours to get to?

The summer is the perfect opportunity to think about landscaping or adding something special to your yard so that it can become a little outdoor oasis close to home. We’re all in our yards a lot more in the summer, and something as simple as a water feature can bring that craving for nature we experience to our back porches.

What you might not realize is that there are actually true benefits to adding something like a water feature into your yard. So read below to find out more…

1. A Water Feature Adds Unique Character

Anyone who spends a lot of time hosting guests or hanging out in their yard might want something that truly makes their back yard stand out. Adding a water feature does just that—it enhances the unique beauty of your yard. You can add a variety of rocks, accents, and plants that will make a water feature look as natural as the trees surrounding your property, and you can have water features of all shapes and size that fit into your specific space.

Hiner Landscapes will work with you to effectively capture your personality and your backyard’s natural beauty in whatever installation we put in. You get to create your own, unique refuge that becomes an artistic statement and conversation piece.

2. A Water Feature Raises the Property Value of Your Home

Properties that have professional installed landscaping tend to have higher value than other homes. Because a water feature truly makes your yard stand out, it can actually raise the property value of your home. Nowadays, the appearance of your yard and landscaping can be the defining factor for potential buyers, and even something like a simple water feature can really make a lasting impact. With so many run-of-the-mill backyards, something special can really boost your home whenever you may need to sell your property.

The great thing about water features is that they don’t have to break the bank; you can create an elaborate pond or a small trickling water feature, and we can help you plan inside your budget so that your water feature stands out and raises your property value but doesn’t overwhelm your bank account.

3. A Water Feature Refreshes the Air & Atmosphere

Another way a water feature can impact your life is that water purifies, humidifies, and moisturizes the air. We all know how dry Colorado is, so a little extra moisturizing boost can go long way in this difficult climate. Imagine getting to sit out by your pond or waterfall, feeling that humid spray refreshing your weary skin.

Water also generates negative ions—which, contrary to the name, are actually very, very good for you. Negative ions help people relax and recharge; this is why hiking by a waterfall or sitting by a lake feels so refreshing to people. Think about all the unseen stress you’re under each day from our environment and the positive ions that collect through electricity, electronics, harmful chemicals, and pollution. Negative ions counteract all of the positive ions that bombard you each day.

4. A Water Feature Encourages the Wildlife & Ecosystem

Chances are that if you live in Colorado, you love wildlife and nature—and a water feature is an excellent way to attract more wildlife into your backyard. Critters, birds, and fauna will all flock to a source of water. A healthy ecosystem can be created right in your backyard, and you can garner endless entertainment watching birds and other wildlife as they explore.

Think about sitting in your back yard, listening to the birds singing songs or chattering back and forth. A small fox appears, or even a deer and her fawn. Things like this could be everyday occurrences, offering endless stories for you to share at work or for your children to enjoy.

5. A Water Feature Reduces Stress

What if you could bring the calmness you feel hiking by a waterfall into your living environment? It’s been demonstrated that sound frequencies truly do have an impact on humans, and the sound of water is a soothing sound that can be therapeutic for the heart and mind. This is why flowing water has always been a staple in gardens throughout history—because the health benefits have always been there.

On another note, having the sound of water in your backyard can actually drown out neighborhood sounds like the droning of traffic, kids playing too loudly, or barking dogs. Having that calming sound drown out the outside world can again bring you mental and physical health. The general serenity of a water feature can relax you and help you experience and appreciate beauty—even in your hectic modern lives.

6. A Water Feature Cools Your Yard Down

On those hot summer days, it’s easy to want to just stay indoors and not bother with the heat. Yet water can be the perfect way to cool down your backyard, providing a respite from the scorching summer sunshine. Water takes that harsh sunlight and turns it into something that reflects and dances beautifully along pathways, walls, and trees.

You can become endlessly entranced by the way water and sunlight play together, as well as the beautiful rainbows that can happen via spray or rain. A water feature can turn the overly hot days into something that is still enjoyable as you sit outside in the shade enjoying your cooling pond or waterfall.

As you can see, water is an incredible addition to anyone’s backyard space, and we at Hiner Landscapes are excited to help you plan your next natural haven just outside your back door.