9 Amazing Landscaping Projects In Colorado Springs, Colorado

We are the best landscapers in Colorado Springs, but you probably aren’t just going to take our word for it (not many people would). That’s why we’re going to show you we are the best.

Here, you can see 9 landscaping projects we have done over the past few years and decide for yourself if our work lives up to your standards.

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1. Garden Of The Gods Visitor Center

If ever there was a garden created by gods then this one would be a contender.

Designed by Jenie Simms, the Garden Of The Gods showcases a variety of native and xeric plants (that means they need very little maintenance or water). These plants mostly grow in arid regions, making them perfect for this space:

They are also deer resistant, so the Garden need not worry about them browsing among their plants. We also installed several natural stone retaining walls to create small plateaus perfect for plants.

2. Vista Grande

This has to be one of our favorite projects because we got to go all out with the design in this backyard.

We’re talking:

  • Fully functioning ecosystem pond
  • Fire feature
  • Landscape lighting
  • Patio
  • Pavers
Pond with LED lighting as part of a outdoor living project in Vista Grande
Fire Boulder In Colorado Springs CO

This homeowners outdoor space has been transformed into their personal garden of the gods.

Chairs in front of a backyard water feature

3. Peregrine

The landscaping we did here flows so well together:

View of the retaining walls that are part of Michaels backyard ideas
Backyard idea of an outdoor fountain

We installed natural stone retaining walls to create more space for plants or anything else the homeowners have in mind. A fountain and fire feature were also installed, perfectly matching the aesthetic of the house.

Overview of Michaels backyard ideas