Healthy And Low Maintenance Ponds Have These 5 Elements

Your Colorado Springs Pond Should Have A Balance Of Fish, Plants, Aeration, Filtration, And Rocks
Elements of a healthy pond ecosystem

With these 5 elements your pond can basically take care of itself plus it’ll look more natural and beautiful. It starts with the filters and the rocks and gravel.

You can find out what the rest are and why they’re all important here-

What Makes These Ponds Special?

“We can have all the beauty and relaxation without the work and stress!”

Megan looks up from her book as Justin crawls into bed next to her. “Well, that sounds great! But what are you talking about?” Justin rolls his eyes and sighs. “Don’t you remember what we were talking about earlier?”

Ecosystem pond with spillway bowls and plants are a beautiful and natural outdoor living space idea

Megan’s book flops onto her lap as she thinks. “Oh yeah, getting a pond for our backyard! Will it really be as easy to care for as you think? Do you even know how to clean a pond?”

“If we get a pond that has the 5 elements of a healthy, low maintenance pond we will! I’ll show you what I mean,” Justin says as he unlocks his phone. He pulls up an article he read earlier.

Here is what he shows Megan.

The 5 Parts Of A Healthy Pond

  1. Filters
  2. Rocks and gravel
  3. Recirculation system
  4. Fish
  5. Plants

“And they do…?”

Before and after an ecosystem pond was built

Filters help keep the water clean and clear of small and large debris. Rocks and gravel make ponds look more natural and give a home to beneficial bacteria. The recirculation system keeps the water moving and aerates it for fish and plants. Fish eat algae and control plant growth. Plants filter, eat algae’s food source, aerate the water, and look amazing.

“Okay, but how, exactly, would they make our job easier?”

1. Filters

“Now this one makes perfect sense.”

There are a few different types of filters. Mechanical filters (called skimmers) catch larger debris like leaves and sticks. Pond owners need to check on them at least once a week to see if they need emptying.

“There’s the first bit of work we’ll have to do if we get a pond,” Megan points out. “True, but if they weren’t there we’d have to fish it all out ourselves,” Justin counters.

Waterfall that is also a biological filter

Biological filters give beneficial bacteria a home. Beneficial bacteria remove nutrients from the water that algae use to grow. These usually come as a waterfall (called biofalls).

“These filters do the cleaning for us, minus cleaning the skimmer filter,” Justin notes as he scrolls to the next pond element.

2. Rocks And Gravel

“I wanna ROCK! and gravel.”

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Rocks and gravel play 2 great roles. For one they make ponds look natural like your house was built around a pre-existing pond. The other is that they are home to beneficial bacteria, aka the natural pond cleaners. 

Backyard ecosystem pond with all 5 elements

Justin looks up at Megan, eyes shining. “Function AND beauty, it’s the perfect combination!” Megan smiles at his excitement as she scrolls down to the next element of a healthy pond.