How To Build A Koi Pond You Will Love (With A Waterfall)

Find Out The Steps Good Pond Contractors Follow When Building A Koi Pond In Colorado Springs
How to build a koi pond with a waterfall

Your pond is more likely to leak and have problems unless these 7 steps for how to build a koi pond with a waterfall are used. It’ll look better too. The basic process is to dig it out, line it, install filters, put in rocks, and add additions.

You can find more details on how to construct a great koi pond below.

But What About The Rest Of Our Yard?!

“Won’t it be littered with tools and be torn all to pieces?!”

Building a water feature in Golden Colorado

Michelle looks at the pond contractor sitting across the table with worry. She doesn’t want to hire him to build a koi pond in their backyard only to destroy the rest of it. Then they’d have to pay a landscaper to come in and fix their mess.

“I’ll be honest; it’ll look like we’re tearing apart a good portion of your yard. That’s just how the process is for building a koi pond. The important part is knowing we treat every home we go to like it was our own. This means doing as little damage as possible as well as cleaning up at the end of the day and the project. We’ll make sure your home is left better than we found it.”

Before and after pictures of building a koi pond

Michelle looks doubtfully at her husband, Matt. “I appreciate your honesty, but I still don’t know…”

The contractor looks thoughtful for a few seconds. “Would it make you more comfortable to know the steps we take for how to build a koi pond with a waterfall? It’s perfectly normal to ask after you request a consultation for a pond.”

The couple nods in agreement. Here is the process for building a koi pond the contractor tells them.

How To Build A Koi Pond With A Waterfall

  1. Design and mark out the boundary with spraypaint
  2. Dig out shelves and 2-foot deep pond bottom
  3. Lay down underlayment and liner
  4. Install filters and pumps
  5. Add rocks and gravel
  6. Install any additions
  7. Add fish and plants
Koi pond with waterfall after spring cleaning

“That’s pretty interesting. Could you tell us more about how you build a koi pond?” Matt asks.

The contractor nods and continues.

The Nitty-Gritty Of Koi Pond Building

Always go in with a plan.

Planning out how to build a koi pond and more

Design your pond and mark it out with spraypaint. This way nobody digs outside of where they should. Dig down about a foot, measure 1 foot towards the center of the pond, and then dig down at least another foot.

“Wait, why?” Michelle asks curiously.