How To Plan A Landscape You’ll Love For Your Colorado Springs Home

Create Your Ideal Landscape For Your Colorado Springs Home Using One Of Two Methods
Beginning of how to plan landscaping

You can learn how to plan a landscape in one of two ways. One involves doing it all yourself and the other involves finding a professional to work with.

Find both methods, questions to ask yourself and a professional landscaper, setting a budget, and what to keep in mind when planning in the post below-

Shouldn’t We Ask A Pro?

“We could, but I like to try things myself first,” Dan says with a smile.

Anna sighs and smiles. He does enjoy learning new things, the more challenging the better. “So, you’re goal is to plan our landscape and then…?”

Project collage for Colorado Springs clients

“Then we’ll see if I can DIY it or if we need to call in a pro,” Dan promises. “I like learning new things but I’m not going to try here. I could end up wasting a lot of our money trying to learn and messing up a big project like this. If anything I can ask the contractor’s crew how to do stuff. I can learn by watching.”

Anna beams a smile. “That sounds great to me! So, Mr. Dan The Man With The Plan, what’s your first step?” Dan grins. “I just have to follow the process. Then our landscape can be as beautiful as one of these 9 projects around Colorado Springs.”

Here are the 8 steps on how to plan landscaping Dan found online-

8 Steps For Planning A Landscape

  1. Think about what you want from your landscape
  2. Set a budget
  3. Think about safety issues
  4. Measure out your landscape
  5. Map out dimensions on grid paper
  6. Plot positions of features that won’t change like driveways
  7. Draw different basic plans and designs including where electrical and irrigation systems will go
  8. Add in the extras

*Further down we talk about how to find your ideal landscaper if you decide to hire a professional

Outdoor living rooms are a great outdoor living space idea

Some Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Landscape

  • Will your yard be mostly viewed from the indoors?
  • Do you need lawn space and other areas for kids or pets to play?
  • Do you need barriers to create privacy or muffle street noise?
  • Will you be entertaining outdoors?
  • Do you want customized elements like a flagstone patio, deck, fire feature, or water feature?
  • Are there specific plants you want?
  • Do you prefer low-water and/or low maintenance plants?
  • Do you want a sprinkler system with water-saving features?
3D design of an amazing backyard

Setting A Budget

A very general rule of thumb for new landscapes is to budget approximately 10% of the price or value of the home. So for a home in the $250,000 range, you should plan landscaping in the range of $25,000.

In some new neighborhoods, covenants often require that landscapes be installed within a certain timeframe. To meet that deadline, you might not be able to do your project all at once.

Beautiful landscape design includes xeriscape plants that are deer resistant