How To Plan Landscaping For Your Colorado Springs Home

Create Your Ideal Landscape For Your Colorado Springs Home Using This 7 Step Method
Beginning of how to plan landscaping

You can learn how to plan a landscape so you have a better idea of what you want and need. You’ll need measuring tape, a pencil, and some grid paper.

Find the 7 steps and more below-

Shouldn’t We Ask A Pro?

“We could, but I like to try things myself first,” Dan says with a smile.

Anna sighs and smiles. He does enjoy learning new things, the more challenging the better. “So, you’re goal is to plan our landscape and then…?”

Project collage for Colorado Springs clients

“Then we’ll see if I can DIY it or if we need to call in a pro,” Dan promises. “I like learning new things but I’m not going to try here. I could end up wasting a lot of our money trying to learn and messing up a big project like this. If anything I can ask the contractor’s crew how to do stuff. I can learn by watching.”

Anna beams a smile. “That sounds great to me! So, Mr. Dan The Man With The Plan, what’s your first step?” Dan grins. “I just have to follow these 7 steps on how to plan landscaping-”

7 Steps For Planning A Landscape

  1. Think about what you want from your landscape
  2. Think about safety issues
  3. Measure out your landscape
  4. Map out dimensions on grid paper
  5. Plot positions of features that won’t change
  6. Use trace paper to try different basic plans and designs
  7. Add in the extras

“Want to think through some of these steps with me?” Dan asks. “Definitely! The planning part sounds like fun,” Anna says.

Following The 7 Steps

“Let’s get started!”

New patio in Colorado Springs

Dan starts. “As far as I know, we want somewhere to relax and host people, right?” Anna nods her agreement. “This means we’ll need something like a patio or deck for people to gather on. Plants and flowers for sure. Oooo, maybe a water feature too!” Dan says.

“Don’t forget about the safety part of how to plan a landscape. If we have a deck we may want to put a railing around it, perhaps a gate too. Definitely some lighting, but that’s for safety and looks,” Anna reminds him.

“Yeah, and if it’s a pond we’ll need to look into that some more too,” Dan replies.

Patio and pond

The couple keeps planning. They add all sorts of possible ideas and combinations. “Wait, we should probably take some measurements before we get too deep into this. Then we can figure out what’s realistic and what isn’t,” Dan realizes.

“With my engineering background, the next few steps are going to be a lot easier,” Dan says to Anna.

Basic drawing of a landscape plan

The couple measures out their yard and Dan draws it to scale on grid paper. He then maps out the trees, house, driveway, and other fixed features. Then he and Anna come up with different designs on the tracing paper they have. You can also make multiple copies to draw on.

They mark out where certain features are going to be. They also draw where any irrigation and electric systems need to go.

“Now we get to add in the fun stuff like flower beds and walkways!”

Planning out how to build a koi pond and more

More Resources For You

“Whew, that was a lot of work!” Dan says wiping his forehead. “It sure was,” Anna agrees. “Good thing we did a fair bit of research on ideas and such. Made the whole process easier and more fun.”

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