5 Koi Pond Plants That Will Complete The Look Of Your Pond

Make Your Colorado Springs Pond More Beautiful And Natural Looking
Ecosystem pond with spillway bowls and plants are a beautiful and natural outdoor living space idea

From water lilies to cardinal flowers, you can find 5 koi pond plants that can make your Colorado Springs pond look even more amazing. 

Find these 5 plants in the post below-

The Final Step

“What’s the final step to finishing our koi pond?”

Linda smiles knowingly over at Bob before answering, “Finding some koi pond plants of course! They’ll make it look more natural and beautiful. I’ve also wanted to try my hand at water gardening to see if I have a blue thumb.”

Koi pond with a waterfall

“Oh? What kind of aquatic plants are you looking at buying?” Bob asks.

Linda scoops up her phone and pulls up a page with 5 plants she’s thinking about buying. Here are those 5 plants-

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5 Koi Pond Plants For Colorado Springs

  1. Water Lily
  2. Sweet Flag
  3. Blue Flag Iris
  4. Pickerel 
  5. Cardinal Flower
Finished koi pond complete with dog

“Awwww, who’s the cutest pond plant ever?!” Linda says to the screen. “That sounds like a great list, dear. What do you know about these koi pond plants and do you have any pictures?” asks Bob.

Linda does so she starts with water lilies.

1. Water Lilies For Ponds

“Stunning and necessary for any pond.”

Water lilies make excellent koi pond plants

Water lilies are what most people “see” in ponds when they think about them. They float on top of the water in colors of white, pinks, reds, blues, and so many more. This pond plant ranges in size from a few inches to a few feet depending on what variety you choose.

You can also choose between hardy or tropical water lilies

“I’m definitely getting a smaller version so I can have room for other koi pond plants,” Linda says decisively. Bob nods in agreement as she scrolls to the next aquatic plant.

2. Sweet Flag

“This plant makes the edges of ponds look more natural.”

Sweet flag grass closeup

Sweet flags are green with bright yellow stripes. They can stay colorful all season and sometimes part of the way into winter. They like to dip their roots into the water and may start moving towards the pond. 

“Like the Ents moving in Lord Of The Rings,” Bob says with a laugh.

Linda chuckles and playfully pushes him for his joke. She then scrolls do