Landscape Design In Canon City Could Inspire Your Own Oasis

The Johnson family lost their entire home to a house fire. There was practically nothing left. But they are a strong family, so they picked up the pieces and rebuilt their home right where it was. However, there is something different about their new home: their amazing new landscape design.

You can see how their ideas came to life by using Hiner Outdoor Living to make it happen.

All characters in this post are not accurate representations of our clients. The characters’ personalities and diction are fictional.

“All I can remember is the burnt down husk of a home we had after the fire.”

The Johnson’s are talking about the house fire that claimed their home some time ago. After all this time, it’s still fresh in their memory. Even their landscape didn’t escape the fire. 

Thankfully their house is already rebuilt, but the landscaping had to wait until that was done. Afterward, they contacted Hiner Outdoor Living (after holding onto their card for 2 years) and decided to have them help create a new landscape design.

Right now, they are driving back home to see what it looks like.

“After today I bet we’ll barely remember what the old place looks like. We’ve rebuilt our actual house, so now all we need is the fresh, amazing landscape design to complete our new home. Based on their other projects I know Matt Hiner and his team transformed our space.”

Jill Johnson (wife) isn’t so sure. “Yes, I’ll bet they did transform it. I don’t know if it’ll be better than what it used to be. I miss our old landscape…” she trails off sadly.

“Well,” Jack sighs, “we’re pulling up now, so let’s at least go in with an open mind, ok?” They pull in and see…

An At-Home Oasis In Canon City

“I think you took a wrong turn hon,” Jill says hesitantly.

“I know what you mean, but no, this is our house,” Jack says, happily confused. The couple steps out of their car and looks around:

Pathway and landscape design in Canon City

“What was that you were saying about missing our old landscape hon?” Jack teases. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Jill deflects, “you must have been hearing things. Might need to get you checked out for hearing aids. But this landscape is, in a word, amazing.”

The Johnson’s have made their vision a reality.

The first requirement that is met is having a low-maintenance yard and natural areas. Using turf instead of grass makes it so they don’t have to water the lawn, helping them save money and the environment.

Xeriscape plants dot the landscape design, providing beautiful spots of color. The fact that they are deer-resistant also helps ease the couple’s minds.

“It all works together so…beautifully,” Jill whispers, as though talking too loudly will wake her from this dream.

Beautiful landscape design includes xeriscape plants that are deer resistant

“Wow, check this out, Jill!”

A Pondless Water Feature & A Fire Patio

“The stream turned out even better than I thought it would!” Jack beams happily:

“The rocks, waterfalls, and even the way it runs just look so natural,” Jack continues gushing. “I feel like I wandered into a forest and just happened to find this beautiful little oasis to relax beside. That gazebo is going to need some landscape lighting so I can sit out here at night and enjoy it even more.”

Jill smiles at his enthusiasm. But then, the last part of their landscape design project catches her eye: the fire pit patio.

“I guess I’d call it more of an extra-large fire pit with seating options,” Jill thinks to herself. Jack interrupts her thoughts, “Now we finally have a place to store and use all the wood we find on our property. Huh, guess that means it’s beautiful and functional. Nifty.” Jill shakes her head at his odd choice of words.

Jill takes Jack’s hand, “C’mon, let’s go inside and start on dinner before the rest of the family gets here. We have to celebrate the fact that we now have our whole home back.” 

They walk inside to start cooking, but their minds stay outside to enjoy their brand new landscape design.

You Can Have Your Own Ideal Landscape Design

Just like the Johnson’s, you can create a landscape that’ll make you want to be outside. You can enjoy the beautiful Colorado view and weather from a yard designed by you, for you. You can start pricing and building on our website right now.