Economic, Safety, and Pleasurable Benefits of LED Lighting for Landscaping

It’s September, and the kids are back in school, and life is finding that familiar rhythm of the school year once more. Autumn is just around the corner, and we’re already seeing the leaves changing color and the days are already getting just a bit shorter.

And shorter days mean darker nights at much earlier times than the summer, which can lead to some interesting landscaping considerations. So today on the blog, Hiner Landscapes really wants to talk about LED lighting and things to think through about lighting for your property for these longer, darker evenings.

So what’s the big deal about LED lighting? Well, for one—LED lights are more energy efficient and low maintenance. LED lights are much more environmentally and economically friendly because they don’t use as much electricity as your standard light bulb. In fact, LED lights have a life span of around 50,000 to 100,000 hours—which is five to eleven years. Talk about convenience!

While the environmental and economic benefits are there, there’s also the safety benefit to LED lights. LED lights don’t get as hot as normal bulbs, which is really important when considering lighting outside. If you have kids that play around your yard or heavy bushes near lighting, that can be an important factor in thinking through what kind of lights you should use to avoid burns or damage.

Another aspect of safety, though, is that in the darker months of fall/winter, it’s just plain darker outdoors. In the dark, the more lighting you have the better. That way visors or family won’t trip over unseen curbs or pathways, and children can still play when the sun goes out while still being able to see and enjoy their surroundings. Not to mention the fact that intruders are much less likely to want to hang around your property. What burglar wants to lurk around bright, friendly LED lights that could highlight his suspicious activity? A well-light property is just plain safer no matter how you look at it.

Which brings us to another point: With shorter days, when you come home from along day at work, it’s sort of depressing to come home to a dark property, isn’t it? Being all day in an office or running around to after school activities leaves less time to enjoy your home and backyard during the limited natural light that the sun provides in fall/winter. So having some great lighting incorporated into your landscape can really help you enjoy your home and property even during the darker months.

A gorgeous property that can shine whether it’s day or night adds a lot of value to your property, because it just doubles the ability for you to enjoy your landscaping and home. So with economic savings, personal safety, and pleasure all being factors when it comes to LED lights—why not consider them?

If you have any questions about lighting, ask Hiner Landscapes and we’ll help you out.