For many of us in Colorado, we have wildlife to deal with when it comes to landscaping—especially deer and their knack for grazing around and on our backyard plants. Now, many of us love Colorado because of the wildlife, and who doesn’t love a close-up encounter with Bambi and friends?

So can you have the best of both worlds—a friendly yard for wildlife that still doesn’t destroy your landscaping?

The answer is: Yes! We at Hiner Landscapes want to help you out by giving you a list of the top 13 flowering perennials that are deer resistant and will keep growing no matter what sort of wildlife you have around.

The Top 13 Flowering Perennials That Are Deer Resistant

Agastache (Hummingbird Mint)

1. Agastache (Hummingbird Mint):

Sometimes known as Hyssop, these are beautiful, showy perennials with colors ranging from white to mauve to pink to purple and bloom all season long. They are also highly attractive to hummingbirds, so if you enjoy those delightful birds, then add this plant to your garden.



Walkers Low Catmint

2. Walkers Low Catmint:

With lavender-blue flowers and silvery-grey foliage, this plant is a must for any garden. The flower is heat-tolerant, doesn’t succumb to disease easily, and is resistant to wildlife like deer—so it’s perfect for Colorado.




Russian Sage deer resistant flower

3. Russian Sage:

Similar to the Walkers Low Catmint in color, this plant also has lavender-blue flowers. It’s very successful in a variety of climates, including our dry, hot Colorado summers. Its flowers can even be eaten in salads or crushed for dye making, if that’s your thing.


4. Galardia:

For a beautiful pop of red and yellow in your backyard, add these vibrant daisy-like flowers to your garden. Galardia is another perennial that is easy to grow and does well in our Colorado climate, and it’s just not appealing to deers looking for a munch. It is appealing to the eye, though.

salvia deer resistant white flower

5. Salvia:

Derived from the Latin word that means “to feel well and healthy,” this genus of plants is the largest in the mint family and is known for its herb and healing capacities (like the common sage used in cooking). They come in a variety of colors from red to blue.



Monarda Bee Balm Deer Resistant Red Flower

6. Monarda (Bee Balm):

Monarda is also known as Bee Balm, and it’s a token favorite of gardeners who want a deer resistant, easy-to-grow flower that also attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds to your garden. They need to be watered regularly to thrive, but their bright colors and large flowering heads will not disappoint.


Echinacea bright colored deer resistant flower

7. Echinacea:

One of the most popular herbs in America, Echinacea is a part of the daisy family, and their flowers bloom in many colors, including pink, purple, and yellow. While they are beautiful, they also have been used in natural medicine to boost the immune system and fight common colds.


8. Coreopsis:

A rugged woodland plant, these abundant blooms have become popular with gardeners—but not popular with deer. These flowers are low maintenance, drought tolerant, and their blooming time is long. They resemble daisies, and they have a lot of different colors and varieties to choose from.


Penstemon (Beardtongue)

9. Penstemon (Beardtongue):

Penstemon plants are trumpet-like blooms on long stems that come in a variety of colors and shapes. They enjoy sunny, dry ground and can endure our Colorado climate and wildlife. They are another favorite amongst hummingbirds and are very easy to grow and maintain.

Liatris spicata kobold (Blazing Star)

10. Liatris spicata kobold (Blazing Star):

Part of the aster family, this plant boasts spikey flowers that are rounded, fluffy, and deep purple. This unique perennial would be a great statement in your garden. It truly does look like a blazing star, and it’s low maintenance and attracts birds and butterflies.



11. Asclepias tuberosa

: This is a bushy plant with clusters of bright orange flowers at the top of the flowering stem. The brilliant flowers often attract butterflies, and they are showy addition to any garden with a bloom that goes all throughout the summer season. Many people can grow these plants easily from seed, and they are easy to maintain without being ruined by wildlife like deer.

12. Delphinium (Larkspur)

: Often called Larkspur, this is a gorgeous plant with small flowers that grow thickly up a tall stalk in shades of blue, pink, white, and purple. They are popular in gardens but are a little more fickle to care for than some plants on this list. However, for show stopping color and presentation, these are a beautiful addition to any garden.

13. Kniphofia (Red Hot Poker):

Red Hot Poker plants, also called the torch lily, are another very unique, exotic looking plant that has spikey, finger-like flowers of fiery red. This plant is hard to kill, grows best in full sun, and can manage drought and dryness.



So there you go! Hiner Landscapes hopes that this list will help you determine which plants to include in your backyard landscaping that are beautiful but will still survive your friendly neighborhood deer.