As the seasons change here in Colorado Springs, autumn and winter are perfect times to start dreaming and planning up for whatever you’d like to see done in the warmer months next year. While landscaping may seem like a really big deal, Hiner Landscapes really wants you to know that you don’t have to do your entire yard to still get something unique and different in your backyard. We know that renovating an entire piece of property can often seem overwhelming—so why not start smaller with something that will bring freshness to your yard without redoing everything?

So today, we wanted to talk about our water features. Water features are the most beautiful kinds of additions to yards—and they are the rarest, so they really make your property stand out. And while many may think that water features are completely out of the question due to the way their yard is laid out or their budget, that’s really not the case. A water feature is accessible to anyone wanting to add the artistic relaxation of water to his or her yard.

Hiner Landscapes has water features that can be any shape or size and that can fit in any sort of yard or budget.

So here are some of our packages that can help you see the versatility of water features you could implement. You just may find something you love that would work well within your space and bring something new to your yard.

Pond Packages

Ponds are definitely stunning additions to a yard. They offer an ecosystem that attracts wildlife, and they create a little oasis of life and water right in your backyard. What’s not to love about ponds?

Hiner Landscapes can make smaller ponds or larger ponds that fit into your yard. We are a Certified Aquascape Contractor, which means that we are the most qualified and informed pond installers in the water gardening industry. All you do is pick your pond package, and we will help you design and customize a pond that will enhance your unique backyard in a special way.

Our packages include the following:

Retreat Pond Packages: This is the starting entry point for creating a pond in your backyard. These ponds are great for someone just starting out with ponds and who want something fun yet low maintenance. We have great entry-level pond pricing that make these packages great for a savvy spender.
Paradise Pond Packages: Ponds in our Paradise Packages incorporate everything that was in the Retreat Pond Packages—but they also add in koi fish. Koi fish are one of the lovely staples of many celebrated gardens and ponds worldwide, and we are knowledgeable in how to incorporate these exotic fish into your backyard.

Pondless Waterfalls & Streams

Hiner Landscapes recognizes that a pond might not be for everyone—but that doesn’t mean you have to skip water altogether! That’s why we also have Pondless Waterfalls. We also call these “infinity falls” because we simply recycle the same water over and over again—creating that endless cascading effect of a waterfall in nature. Waterfalls are definitely the most picturesque and desired part of a water garden, and they can really add a lot to any yard.

Here are some of our packages:

Pondless Packages: We can add waterfalls to ponds, but we can also simply create a waterfall without a pond. This makes your water feature low maintenance, but it’s still stunningly beautiful. We offer a variety of pricing to help you pick the waterfall that would best suit your lifestyle.

Streams: While we can certainly do a waterfall, we can also add a stream of running water into the mix that travels across your space in a natural, peaceful way. We can incorporate ponds, waterfalls, and streams together into one feature—but we can do these elements separately, too.

Learn more about our pondless solutions.


Don’t want something as complicated as a pond, waterfall, or stream? Then we can still create an amazing water feature called a fountainscape that is much smaller and low maintenance.

Using a variety of stones, urns, or spillway bowls, we can produce a flow of water that bubbles up unexpectedly in your yard. The rushing sound of water will be heard, along with the view of ever-flowing water in a smaller contained piece of art.

Fountainscapes are the most affordable type of water feature, and they are an excellent starting point for anyone who’d love the sound and sight of water without any real hassle or maintenance.

Come in and see all of your options at our store today, and Hiner Landscapes can help you find exactly the type of water feature that will make your landscaping dreams a true reality.