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Building A Home?

Whether you’re designing your dream home and outdoor living space, or trying to meet HOA guidelines, we have a process just for you.

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We’re a Different Kind of Landscape Company

Learn why we do what we do as Yardists of world-class outdoor living transformations:

It’s the visitor center for the most visited city park in the country, and we had the pleasure to install the landscaping.

A project that comes full circle. Check out our project we completed at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Learn why we were awarded by our peers in the industry for our innovative design process.


Every successful project starts with a great design. At Hiner Landscapes, we believe that proper planning in the design phase will save time, money, and headaches down the road. The design process should be fun and inspiring, and we work hard to make it just that. Through our award-winning design process, we will combine your objectives with our creative vision to produce a plan that exceeds your expectations. Our goal is to ensure that your project looks its best—no matter the size or budget.  


A patio is truly the foundation of outdoor living. The patio is the first thing you see or step into when you are in your backyard, and it sets the tone for your entire outdoors and landscaping experience. It’s the area where you will have many outside family dinners, host children’s birthday parties, and celebrate milestones with friends. It’s where your children will play and your pets will explore, and where fireside chats with your loved ones will stay in your hearts forever.


One of nature’s greatest gifts is the therapeutic sound of water. These sounds, matched with unforgettable scenery, generate the soothing atmosphere we aspire to have in our homes. Water enhances your backyard’s value, discharges negative energy caused by technology around you, offers an escape to the quiet oasis of your own backyard, and encourages wildlife to flourish. With options starting at $1,995, let us turn your home into a true retreat. Just sit back, listen, and enjoy.


We are the proud location of Southern Colorado’s top water gardening store. Offering a variety of pond supplies—from fish to aquatic plants, pond kits, water treatments and more—we are here to provide you with inspiration for new and existing water features. Staffed with knowledgeable and friendly staff, there is no question too silly, no dream too bold; we will be able to equip, teach, and help you during any and all landscaping needs and desires.


Visit our Water Garden and Design Center.
2785 Steel Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80907


Discover the beauty in each project we design for our clients. What style and features will inspire you?

What Our Clients Are Saying:

“As an Architect I have always felt that the Peripheral part of my home designs should be considered with as much care as the design of the dwelling itself! This requires either the direct involvement of the Architect with the Landscaping company to fulfill the vision of the final setting of the home or a Landscape Architect and company to procure this vision. Matt Hiner does not require this involvement as he is gifted with understanding the setting and complimenting the project in a way that offers the final statement and compliment to the Architecture. Matt is dedicated to his projects and visions from the start and fulfills the delivery with integrity and class.”

Rodney Stephens, DesignWorks Development

“I was incredibly impressed with Matt and his entire team from start to finish. They met with us initially to get an idea of what we wanted and came up with an amazing design. They went back a tweaked it to exactly our liking and completed the entire project in under two weeks. Matt was incredibly professional and reasonable for the quality of work done. Also, his crew and project manager are incredible. They are kind, knowledgeable and thorough. If any issues ever did arise, they were resolved within 24 hours.
I cannot recommend them enough!”

Ryan & Alli Klein, Home Owners

Who We Work With

Residential Clients

We partner with residential homeowners and renovators who want a full landscape design and build experience or one of our signature water features. Call us when you need a true overhaul.

Industry Partners

By pairing our construction services with renowned landscape designers, we guarantee that your beautiful garden will be brought to life the way it’s supposed to be.

Property Developers

With our project management, streamlined operations, and excellent workmanship, property developers often contract us for a variety of commercial developmental landscaping projects.

Home Builders

Because Hiner Landscapes many construction crews at our company, we can provide volume home landscape builds, ensuring that we can efficiently deliver on multiple projects in a timely fashion.